THERMOCLAVE™ Convention Heating

Heat is historically known to be very effective at kill bed bugskilling insects. Recent university studies have proven heat's ability to eliminate bed bug infestations.

On Site Manufacturing offers complete heat treatment solutions with its THERMOCLAVE Bed Bug Heater Packages.

When combined with Hi Temp Distribution Fans, THERMOCLAVE heaters create the convection heat kills bed bugsheating environment necessary for bed bug remediation. The heaters work quickly to reach and maintain the target temperature - At 122°F, bugs will not survive!

THERMOCLAVE heaters generate clean, dry heat that is lethal not only to bugs, but mold, bacteria, viruses, and odors. This method is environmentally friendly, and is ideal for motels, hotels, residential homes, multi-unit dwellings, rent-to-own stores, food processing plants, and agricultural grain storage.

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Industrial Heaters & Air Handlers

On Site Manufacturing’s Compact Industrial Climate Control equipment is engineered for reliability and durability with a focus on flexibility and portability.

Compact Industrial Heaters

The 65 kW and 75/150 kW Compact Industrial Heaters can be used in a wide variety of Industrial Heaterapplications – from comfort heating to pest eradication. Fume-free and quiet-running, they can be placed directly in an area needing temporary or emergency heating or can be ducted in situations where space is a premium.

Compact Industrial Air Handlers

The 20 ton Compact Industrial Air Handler Unit (AHU) is more like a portable fan coil unit with its ability Air Handlerto provide cooling AND heating. This versatility makes it functional year-round, providing Equipment Rental Companies a profitable addition to their fleets. The AHU is quiet enough that it can be placed directly in an area needing temporary or emergency climate control or can be ducted in situations where space is a premium.

Packaged Electric Air
onditioning & Heating

The PEACH® is a compact, sound-attenuated package that delivers basic electrical power, heat or air conditioning to tents or other spaces being used on a temporary or emergency basis.PEACH

Designed with First Responder needs in mind, the PEACH is functional within minutes of arrival at the scene. Quick to set-up in emergency situations, the PEACH is also a great asset in non-emergencies. Whether it’s a summertime event where a cooling center is desired, or there’s a need for a warming center during cooler months, the PEACH performs year-round.

PEACH Rentals
With the PEACH, basic needs are met with a quiet-operating unit – so quiet conversations are easily carried on while it’s running.

ClickPEACH to learn more about this versatile unit.

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