PEACH Unit Saves New Hampshire State Fire Marshal Valuable Resources at NASCAR Race

Sept. 4, 2013 - MANCHESTER, N.H. -- The New Hampshire State Fire

Marshal’s office saved valuable emergency response resources by using the state’s PEACH unit to climate control a large tent set up as a cooling center during the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Race at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway this past July. The PEACH unit was acquired through a grant by the Manchester, NH Fire Department and is housed and operated by the NH State Fire Marshal’s Office.

PEACH stands for “Packaged Electric Air Conditioning and Heat” and is a trailer-mounted unit containing a generator, an air conditioner, a heater and other emergency response essentials. In an unsolicited email received by PEACH manufacturer On Site Manufacturing, Deputy State Fire Marshal Robert Farley recounted the resource savings the PEACH provided.

The race was held on July 14, 2013 with a high temperature that day of 93°F. A dew point of 70°F added to the heat’s discomfort. The PEACH was ducted to a 40’ x 80’ hospitality tent provided by the Speedway. With about 120,000 NASCAR fans attending the race, people suffering from the hot and muggy conditions began using the cooling center before the race started. “Many patients were treated in the tent,” reported Farley, “and at one time the peak occupancy was seventeen patients. The PEACH worked remarkably and dropped the temperature and humidity significantly inside the tent.”

After the race, Farley spoke with the Speedway’s Director of Operations and was informed that it was after 2 p.m. before an ambulance was needed to transport a patient off property. “Normally, the ambulance resources peak around noon,” said Farley, “The cooling center allowed more patients to stay on the premises which meant more income for the track and decreased used of ambulances.”

The use of the PEACH was so successful, the Speedway asked the Fire Marshal’s Office to return with it for future races. The Speedway also offered to assist with enhancing the PEACH to make it even more versatile.

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