PEACH - Packaged Electric Air Conditioning & Heating

Packaged Electric Air Conditioning & Heating
First Responder Rapid Shelter System          PEACH®

The PEACH® is a compact, sound-attenuated trailer-mounted package that delivers basic electrical power, heat or air conditioning to tents or other spaces being used on a temporary or emergency basis.

This disaster response mobile utility system was developed in response to the aftermath of 9/11 and with First Responder input. Within minutes after arriving on the scene, the towable PEACH provides:

  • Electricity via a 45 kW generator and portable distribution boxes
  • Air Conditioning - 10 tons worth!
  • Heat - a toasty 140,000 BTU's
  • And many other First Responder needs [PEACH options]

Whether it's cooling or heating, the PEACH easily produces enough output to quickly climate-control up to two 500 sq. ft. shelters. responder teamAll while operating so quietly it doesn't interfere with nearby conversation. Normal conversation ranges between 50-60db - the PEACH is rated at 62db! And a remote controlled, rotating Light Tower on its roof ensures no one is working in the dark.

Originally designed with First Responders in mind, applications for the PEACH include:

  • Incident Command Post
  • Staging
  • Re-hab
  • Isolation or Quarantine

  • Triage
  • Treatment
  • Mobile Field Hospital
  • Public information Office or Media Shelter


    The PEACH is FEMA Grant Eligible and can be viewed on the FEMA RKB (Responder Knowledge Base) website. And as a versatile investment, The PEACH can also be used at non-emergency public events as a:

  • Cooling Center
  • First Aid Station
  • Hospitality Tent
  • Warming Center
  • Registration Tent
  • Press Center


    The PEACH is available with optional inflatable Shelters, additional electrical distribution configurations, Satellite communications, and a Water Purification System. For more information, please contact:

    On Site Manufacturing:

    PEACH® Booklet Adobe PDF (approx. 5MB)
    This full-color booklet contains details, standard accessories, options and unit specifications on PEACH®.

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