PEACH - Packaged Electric Air Conditioning & Heating

Custom PEACH Unit Options

PEACH® Booklet Adobe PDF (approx. 5MB)
This full-color booklet contains details, standard accessories, options and unit specifications on PEACH.

Option Model Size
Air Compressor PC1010 1/2 HP; 1 Gal
Command Light KL450 6 x 500W
Command Light KL465 6 x 650W
Command Light KL475 6 x 750W
Command Light - Z Lift ZL375 Per Customer Spec
Custom Logo / Lettering N/A Per Customer Spec
Custom Exterior Paint Color N/A Per Customer Spec
Inflatable Shelter N/A Per Customer Spec
Satellite Phone 1621-130-KIT N/A
Water Purification System WP-1 66 Gal / Hr
Water Purification System WP-2 360 Gal / Hr
Distribution Box & Wire Run Install DB30NT-B6Q-S1 6 Duplex GFCI
Power Only Electrical Distribution Package Dependent on Customer Specifications

Optional Components

Light Towers

Designed and engineered for quick response and to make emergency response personnel more effective in their jobs. Quick robotic arm positioning of a bank of lights at the scene of an emergency. Light bank will extend over the side of the vehicle to provide light down embankments, for use in personnel/victim warming and to provide extremely high light levels for technical/medical work.

Standard Features of Light Towers

  • Full deployment in under 15 seconds
  • All weather (not affected by ice build-up, high winds, blowing dust)
  • Ability to overhang side of vehicle
  • One touch Auto Park
  • Umbilical remote controller with 15' cord
  • All electric (no air or hydraulics required)
  • Continuous 360° rotation
  • Maintenance free
  • Five year warranty
  • NFPA 1901 compliant

The PEACH unit comes standard with a light tower consisting of 2 x 1,500 watt light fixtures for a light output of 71,600 lumens. This standard unit has the same standard features listed above.

Model # Description Light Output (lumens)
KL450 6 x 600W 66,600
KL465 6 x 650W 151,200
KL475 6 x 750W 117,000
ZL375 Warning Light Bar N/A

Distribution Boxes

The PEACH unit comes standard with two (2) distribution boxes. Additional boxes may be added. Portable Distribution Boxes break 100 AMP 3 Phase Circuit into (12) 20 AMP GFCI overcurrent protected circuits for distribution purposes.

Features & Benefits

  • Heavy duty molded rubber enclosure is fully insulated, resistant to shock impact, corrosion and weather
  • Extremely compact for convenient portability
  • Meets NEC requirements for properly rated branch circuit protection when downsizing cable
  • UL Listed


Enclosure NEMA 3R weatherproof Pagoda style
Rating 100 Amp, 120 / 208 VAC, 4 Pole 5 Wire
Input (5) 16 Series Cam-type Male devices
Output (12) NEMA 5-20, 20 A, 2P3W, 125 VAC GFCI duplex receptacles
Overcurrent Protection (12) 20 A, 1-Pole Branch Circuit Rated Breakers
Overall Dimensions 11" L x 11" W x 13" H
Weight 33 lbs.

Electric Only Mode - Distribution System

Using the 2/0 cable supplied with PEACH, one can connect to a building or other structure to supply power.

It is also possible to distribute the entire electrical power output in a variety of ways using distribution panels and cable to construct a temporary distribution system for whatever needs exist.distribution system illustration

Illustrations shown here are just a few of the alternatives. Select the desired arrangement and types of outlets and On Site can build a package to your specifications.

  1. Generator - 50kW 175 A, 3Ø, 120 / 208 VAC
  2. Cables - 2/0 AWG Type W
  3. Distribution Box
  4. Distribution Box
  5. Cables - 50 A
  6. Distribution Box

Satellite Communications

Satellite phone system is an Iridium voice and data terminal with a dedicated Iridium handset that provides SMS service, phone book and internal ringer. The system can also support standard telephone systems (POTS). Automated vehicle tracking can be added optionally to integrate with an agency's fleet location software.


  • Can be connected to a PBX to allow any phone on the system to get Iridium access
  • Low profile antennas (single or dual-channel)
  • Supports Internet access and switched data calls
  • Diagnostic lights for signal strength and call status
Dimensions Weight
10 3/4" L x 4 1/2" W x 2 7/10" H 33 lbs.

Water Purification Systems

This water purification system contains a 45 psi self-priming pump that pulls water from any available source of nonsalinated water, such as low pressure water mains, surface water, wells, swamps, etc.

The unit is powered by the vehicle's power supply and additionally features a sprayer to facilitate showering and decontamination.

Common Emergency Uses

  • Can be pre-positioned and then brought out quickly for hurricanes, tornado's, earthquakes, etc.
  • Provides fresh water for Rehab, decontamination, personal showering, hydration, evacuation support and medical needs
  • Easily adaptable to ice machines, kitchen facilities, auto-claves, etc.

Models Available

  • WP-1 -- 66 Gal / Hr
  • WP-2 -- 360 Gal / Hr

System Specifications

  • 20' long intake hose with quick-disconnect
  • Strong self-priming, auto-shutoff pump
  • Easily detachable filters for rapid cleaning & replacement
  • Filters:
    • Pre-filter - Sediment - 5.0 micron
    • Post-filter - Carbon Block 0.5 micron and heavy metals reduction
  • Ultraviolet Light: 16,000 MW seconds per cm sq.

Inflatable Shelters

On Site Mfg. is pleased to offer a selection of portable shelter sizes and configurations. Please contact On Site Mfg. for specific information.

Portable Air Compressor

Oil-less compressor is a lightweight, portable source of air power. At 20 lbs., this compressor is easy to carry and to use in a wide variety of applications.


  • Hand carry-ultra quiet and lightweight, only 20 lbs.
  • Direct drive motor/pump for efficient operation
  • Aluminum cylinder
  • Oil-less, maintenance free, direct drive pump
  • Handy carry 1 gallon tank
  • Includes regulator, outlet and tank pressure gauges, 1/4'" universal coupler, air filter, comfortable with cushioned grip


  • 1 gal tank capacity , 1 HP Peak, 120 PSI
  • Amperage: 4 AMPS
  • Voltage Rating: 115 Volts
  • Decibels: 69 (dB)
  • Fuel Type: Electric
  • Dimensions: 14" L x 10.3" H x 12.5" W
  • Weight: 20 lbs.
  • Recovery Time: 35 seconds
  • Pump Up Time: 128 seconds
  • CFM (100 psi): 0.6

Custom Logo / Lettering & Custom Exterior Paint Colors

Custom logo/lettering as well as custom exterior colors are available per customer's specifications.

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