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Eradicate Bed Bugs with Heat THERMOCLAVE™ Convection Heating

On Site Manufacturing offers complete heat treatment solutions with its THERMOCLAVE Bed Bug Heater Packages.

THERMOCLAVE heaters generate THERMOCLAVE kills Bed Bugsclean, dry heat that is lethal not only to bugs, but mold, bacteria, viruses, and odors. This method is environmentally friendly, and is ideal for motels, hotels, residential homes, multi-unit dwellings, rent-to-own stores, food and beverage plants, pharmaceutical companies - basically, any facility that can't afford to shutdown.

THERMOCLAVE heaters, combined with Hi Temp Distribution Fans, create the convection heating environment necessary for bed bug remediation. The heaters work quickly to reach and maintain the target temperature - at 122°F, bugs will not survive!

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